Single young adults connecting with God.

Hyphen is our “Twenty-Somethings” young adult ministry geared toward ages 19-29. Meeting Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm, Hyphen is where single young adults can connect with God, as well as with one another. We take time to establish friendships, to worship together, and to get clear direction for the purpose of life and our place in the world. No fluff here – just real-life issues, as real people discuss the dynamics and dangers of being a Christian young adult in the 21st Century. Hyphen is not a program but rather a circle – an open circle of friends that is always growing larger and getting stronger. Join the circle as we embark on the Christian journey through life together.

Why are we called Hyphen?

Hyphen’s mission is to release young adults into their everyday world so that they can be the church outside of its four walls. Hyphen Ministries is committed to developing leaders and individuals who will go out into their communities and make an impact every day of the week.

Meet the Youth Ministries Director

Andrew Coffield

Hyphen Young Adult Events

In addition to weekly discipleship classes, Hyphen also hosts special events throughout the year. Young adults look forward to annual events such as Hyphen Hangouts, Fusion Groups, and the Hyphen Converge Service.

Hyphen Hangouts
Every so often we will spontaneously get together at someone’s house or go out to eat as a group!
Fusion Groups
Once every three months, our young adults meet in various homes and enjoy a time of fellowship while discussing Christ-centered topics.
Hyphen Converge Service
Once a year we host a Hyphen-aged service that draws young adults from churches all around the state of Illinois.

Honoring God. Impacting People.